Localization Hackathon @wfs-india 20th May, 2013

WFS-india is a volunteered organization created by some intelligent and innovative minds like: Satabdi Das (A OPW- Gnome intern and FOSS enthusiast) few months ago. The main motto of this organization is to create awareness among women towards free and open source software in India  For this , they have started conducting meetings on #wfs-india channel on freenode server in order to plan an event for increasing participation of women in free and open source software movement. In a short span of time, finally they decided to organize an event named “Localization Hackathon” on the eve of cultural freedom day on 20th may, 2013 from 08:00 p:m to 09:30 p:m at wfs-india channel on freenode server.

The whole event is supported by Mozilla, Fedora and Videolan (The creater of VLC Media Player). This event provides two reasons to join it and hack while learning. First is “Want to see your name the next time anybody installs fedora, Mozilla and VLC Media Player?” and the second one is “Want to add some special skills to your resume?”. The whole session of Localization Hackathon is started by me and finally backened by Biraj karmakar and Runa Bhattacharjee. We have got seven participants across the globe <holingpoon, erry, sunu, Anupam, shweta, anexasajoop, sri_c>. The more details about the participants are given below in the chat list. The guest persons who are helping backend are Amani_glugcal, kaustavdm, Priyankanag. The whole event is coordinated by Satabdi Das.

The hackathon starts with a formal introduction of all the participants followed by a simple question “Why do you want to contribute to foss?”. The above question extends and arouse a new question, “if i donot know programming, how will i contribute?”. After that we explained the definition of localization followed by internationalization and related mother tongue with software localization. From there, we have taken the help of Transifex and mozilla pootle server to get started with localization of mozilla, Fedora and vlc media player. All the participants have created their account on pootle server and transifex also. Erry found his language 100% completed in mozilla so she switched to VLC and there she found that greek is not available for VLC, so he requested for the creation of new language. Sri_c has successfully joined on kannada language team on mozilla pootle server and for VLC on transifex. sunu has started for oriya localization, so he contacted the videolan language co-ordinator in order to get approved and he joined oriya localization team on transifex.Holingpoon is successfully registered on mozilla pootle server. But during loging she is getting 500 internal server error from mozilla pootle server. I request mozilla to please sort out this problem. Each one has got their tool to translate. from that people actually entered into the field from where they start translating. Biraj is helping the Bangla people to get into the translation.From there people understand what they have to do for software localization. Due to very short span of time and after facing lots of problem, this hackathon has ended by 09:30 p:m. Due to that we have chosen to take input from Google transliterate but found that i doesnot support some scripts of various languages like: oriya.
The output of the hackathon are as follows:

  1. in a short span of time, people get charged and comes forward to support wfs-india.
  2. People actually learnt what localization is and how to get started in any language by using transifex and pootle server.
  3.  On founding any problem during localization, they can contact to language co-rodinator through mailing lists.
  4. faces some problems during hackathon on pootle server needs to short out.
  5. more things on localization will be introduced in the upcoming event.

Following features needs to be added in the pootle server:

  1.  Test the working of mozilla locamotion on al different available browsers.
  2. Show language code against the language name.
  3. creation of help desk to solve problem quickly if any problem occurred during hackathon.
  4. Sometimes the pootle translation page does not responds- it needs to be fixed.
  5. porting all translations of mozilla projects to locamotion for easy translation.

And lastly , the event was successful to some extent as we have expected. I would like to thanks all people like: Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay and Rajesh Ranjan who have directly or indirectly supported us in successful completion of the hackathon. A special thanks to Mozilla Locamotion and Transifex Developers.

Some important links:

Durgapur-Mozconnect:- A review path for Mozilla Durgapur

Every plan after execution needs review at its end point. The awareness towards Mozilla and Open web was started in Durgapur from Mozcafe@ bcrec from 13th February, 2013. That event was successful. But to measure the success and growth in contribution towards Mozilla and its products from  mozcafe@bcrec, we have hosted a small meet-up named “Durgapur_mozconnect” near Bidhannagar, Durgapur (West Bengal) on 13th April, 2013 from 01:00 p:m to 04:00 p:m.

15 participants including previous contributors (Chandan kumar, Biraj karmakar, Gaurav Kumar, Umesh Agarwal), new contributors (Amit Kumar Thakur, Neeraj Goswami, Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, Souradeep De, Apoorv ashutosh, Shubendu Ghosh) and upcoming Contributors (Avinash Kumar, Shantanu Ghosh, Zubin Tiwari, Abhishek Kumar, Sourav Kumar) from Dr.B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur attended under supervision of Mozilla Reps Shahid Farooqi and One guy from Asansol.

The meet-up started with the introduction of all volunteers specifying their interest and contribution. I basically found many of them are interested or contributing in Mozilla localization, Sumo and Web development. But all of them are interested in FirefoxOS and apps development. We are hoping from the community to get a FirefoxOS Apps day soon in Durgapur. After that i have presented a paper on “How to imply Screen-shot Comparison technique in Mozilla Firefox Localization Quality Analysis.” with the help of the source taken from Fuel Project. The material will be available soon in all mailing list. After listening and sorting out the problems in contribution to localization and sumo, we have formed a team for FirefoxOS video Contest.

This is not the last but with ending we have fixed a Durgapur community Monthly meetup every month (if possible) in our college on 18th April, 2013 from 01:00 p:m to 02:00 p:m to track the progress of contribution in the community.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to Shahid, Biraj, Umesh, Shubhendu, Apoorv and Souradeep for making the same successful.

Event Page:- https://reps.mozilla.org/e/mozconnect-durgapur/

Etherpad:- https://etherpad.mozilla.org/remo-mozconnect-durgapur

mozilla 15th Birthday celebrated at Durgapur

Today is the march 31st, 2013 i.e. Sunday and mozilla has become a 15th year ever fresh organization with a mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. To celebrate this auspicious day, i , Biraj Karmakar, Umesh Agarwal, Amit Kumar Thakur, Gaurav Kumar, Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, Subhendu Ghosh, Sayantan Datta, Jeet Biswas and others gathered at 01:00 P:M near Bidhan nagar, Durgapur and cut the cake to celebrate mozilla 15th Birthday. After that we all have introduced among themselves, told them how mozilla came into existence and helping us to make the web open for all. Umesh told them how to contribute to Mozilla design. Finally we have decided to host a one day mozilla event in NIT,  Durgapur on 7th April, 2013. Thanks to Biraj and others for making this day wonderful.

Firefox-Hindi-Localization-Sprint:- A live contribution

Everybody wants to be a contributor of a big emerging Mozilla community. But by using an application like “Mozilla Firefox”, he is already a contributor. But as time changes, ideas comes up, people wants to do more. So, persons wants to add something in the application. So that if anybody is using that application, he goes there and say “following things are added by me.” and by saying that he makes himself and community proud.

By thinking upon this, I shahid Ali Farooqui and Rajesh Ranjan came up with an idea to organize an virtual event named “Localization Sprint” where people can directly come, participate, learn and contribute to an application with a common goal in a team.

For that we have targeted “Firefoxos” and organized “Firfox-os-Hindi-Localization-Sprint” on 24th February, 2013. The event was successful by making a submission of 4000 words and we have got new contributors to Mozilla Hindi Localization team.

From the success of first sprint, Vineel has gave me an idea to provide prizes to the contributor who has translated maximum number of strings. This will encourage contributors to do their best.

And after that I and Rajesh Ranjan organized another “localization sprint” targeting for “Mozilla Firefox” named “Firefox-Hindi-Localization-Sprint” on 03rd March, 2013 by using #india channel on irc.mozilla.org server and #indlinux channel on irc.freenode.net server by using Mozilla pootle server. The event was more successful than previous one by mading a submission of more than 8000 words (Firefox-2900 +webparts -5500) by 11 participants.

The 11 participants who had made this sprint successful are:- Amit Kumar Thakur, Keshav Kumar, Sayan Chowdhury, Chandan Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Rajesh Ranjan, Saurav Agarwal, Komal Gandhi, Abhishek Potnis, Suraj Kawade and Neeraj Kumar.

The maximum submission are made by Amit kumar Thakur and followed by Keshav Kumar.

Their Contribution and statistics are given on etherpad:


The event page for the sprint is:


I would like to a special thanks to Mozilla community for creating the pootle interface for Mozilla software localization. Without it this type of sprint is not possible earlier.

I would like to thanks all the community members for making this event successful.

Mozcafe@bcrec, Durgapur :- A great Success

As the sun blooms in the sky, birds are flying happily in the sky thinking that how high will we go. Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur in association with Horizon2k13, 11th annual tech-fest of our college has proceeds forward to organize a complete mozilla workshop and activity day named “Mozcafe@bcrec“on 13th Feb, 2013. This was the first student initiated mozilla event in Durgapur.

As we have announced the dates of mozilla event, Students of different college started enquiring about the event. Since the event was on the working day. So, About 55 students have successfully attended our session from starting to end.

The registration of the event was started from 10:00 A:M onward. We have fortunately much more students from our college and 5 students from Nit Durgapur.  The whole event was divided into two parts:- one as theoretical session based on talks and other as hands on practice session based on talks delivered. The workshop was started from 11:00 A:M.

The talks presented are as follows:-

  1. Mozilla:- A gateway to open sourceChandan Kumar
  2. Mozilla designs:- Umesh Agarwal
  3. Localization:- Biraj Karmakar

Then there was a break of 30 minutes,  Thanks to college Management for providing the Tea.

The hands on session presented are as follows:-

  1. How to work with web maker:- Sayan Chowdhury, Apoorv Ashutosh, Piyush Kumar Chauhan
  2. localization:- Biraj karmakar, Chandan Kumar
  3. Mozilla Design:- Umesh Agarwal, Gaurav Kumar

During Webmaker session, The students asked a lots of question related to mozilla and other open source as well as research project from our Mozilla Remo Shahid Ali Farooqi. After getting answers students were highly delighted. They also asked for another mozilla events in Durgapur. And, finally the whole event ended with a group photography session with participants.

Outcomes of the Mozcafe@bcrec:-

  1. A Hindi Translation Sprint will be organized on 24th Feb, 2013 to encourage newbie for doing contribution to localization.
  2. Monthly meeting will be organized in the last saturday of each Month.
  3. We are planning to come up with one big mozilla festival in NIT Durgapur.
  4. This Mozcafe@bcrec event will be organized every year in the month of february.
  5. We are getting good response and hoping that Durgapur Mozilla group will contribute a lot to open source.

We are highly thankful to Mozilla community for providing us the swag for the event and a special thanks to Shahid ali farooqi who had visiting our college apart from his busy schedule.

Due to late Swag delivery by UPS Courier services, we will providing the swag to the participant day after tomorrow.

Finally we would like to thank Saikat Maity sir. Dinesh Pradhan sir,  Gaurav Kumar and Tech fest Community for making this event successful. The event photos are available on flickr.