pyconindia 2012 Tutorial Day, Bangalore, 28th September

pyconIndia Conference is a 3-day event organised fourth time by the Indian Python Software Socitey.
This was my first conference that i along with sayan has attended. I started my journey from durgapur to banglore on 26th September.During journey i met one of the humerous guy Soumen Ganguly from Netaji Subhas institute of technology kolkata. i reached Banglore on 27th evening and stayed at college senior kishan Goyal‘s residance.
Since the conference was happening at DHARMARAM VIDYA KSHETRAM Christ University Campus, Bangalore on 28th September. I woke up so early and rushed through the buses and reached the conference destination sharp by 9 o,clock. There I met kushal and rtnpro along With Nick, Cpython Developer. i and sayan get introduced by kushal to Nick. Thereafter we move to the registration desk and collected Pass.
Since The tutorial Sessions was on this day. Thereafter, we moved to Room No:A1 to attend the tutorial of “Building interactive applications with ETS” by Prabhu Ramachandran. There i learnt about traits and tried some applications on traits UI. Thereafter i left the confernce hall and moved
with rtnpro in search of a place where we sit and write some code. Atlast We succedded and got the place on the stairs. Rtnpro interacted with some other Dgplug guys like oini, fewcha and samxan. I just googled and searched some buges from Gtranslator project. And i got that one but in the night i tried but failed due to unable to build gtranslator by Jhbuild.
After lunch, we attended the next tutorial session of kushal on “python programming”.
During the tutorial session, we( i, sayan and rtnpro) helped the learners in solving their quires during the session.
At last the session, The Tutorial session ends by 5:30 P:M.
We ends that day with doing some coding and a tasty dinner with Nick in the Night.
The Day was Awosome. Thanks to Kushal, rtnpro and Nick for making the day awosome.

dgplug meeting at bcrec

For the first time, I sayan, gaurav, biraj and koustava all together organised the dgplug weekly meeting at college library in Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur during evening at 5:30 p:m. We met 20 students for the first time after the python workshop taken by kushal in february. We had asked about the queries related to python and open source from them. We told them about the irc and #dgplug channel at freenode through X-chat and also showed them to talk on irc by talking with rtnpro and biraj . We have also told them to register their name at dgplug mailing lists. After that we have fixed the next meeting on monday to do fedora installation and face the issues related to fedora installation.

Finally the meeting ends with a happy smile. Thanks to all dgplug members at bcrec.

open-source hindi translator through transifex

Who become Translators?

Any person expert in his native mother language can use it as a tool for converting software written in others language so that every one can learn from it.

But to make a translators it requires some platform for translations and some guidelines for translation.

Platform:: Transifex but why?

Transifex is an open-source platform for the localization of all types of projects.

It provides:

  • A rich web designed interface for submitting translations
  • Tools to manage and host your projects
  • Manage your project translation through various community
  • It is open-source
  • get translated in more than 273 languages.

Getting Started with transifex

  1. Register yourself by clicking here for sign-up.
  2. Send join language-team request for your native language
  3. Get accepted as a team member and start traslation

Some Basic Guidelines for Hindi Translations


  • An easy step towards contribution to open source
  • get name for every word you translate. for example myself:click here

lets have a happy translations!!!

python workshop day-1 at bcrec

First time in my college life i along with sayan,gaurav kumar and biraj karamkarorganised the first python workshop in Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College,Durgapur at albert einstein seminar hall under Durgapur linux user group.The key speaker was  KushalDas.

The Workshop started at 11:00 a.m.First and second year students of cse and it department attended the workshop.We are excited today that we have got our first fedora t-shirts.Kushaldas started the workshop by giving introduction to open source,linux followed by how different open source operating system come into existence Just like fedora.He also moved forward how to contribute to open source and how it helps us in our carrier in future.

After discussion we moved to next part for practical session in cse lab-03 to learn python from kushal das.He started the python programming with the introduction of functional programming i.e.scheme language.newbie learned how to write programs in python.they started it from hello world followed by calculator,condition checking,looking,string splitting,sorting of lists.They shows their interest in python through solving problems.Since python is meant for lazy people those who like to write less code.We helped the students in debugging python problems during practice session along with kushal das.

The Session ends with the distribution of fedora stickers among students.Thereafter we go for a photography with kushal at college in the evening.We are excepting that some of the contributors may come in future for open source.We are thinking of organising weekly meetings on fedora in our college.