Hindi translation of libvirt project through lokalize done

A week ago, i got a new translation task on libvirt project from Rajesh Ranjan. When i saw it , was very big

translation.Actually libvirt is a toolkit to interact with the virtualization capabilities of recent versions of

Linux(and other OSes).But while doing translation i was not bored due to Lokalize the translating tool.

I have installed Lokalize in fedora 16 .

Install Lokalize  in fedora 16: $yum install lokalize.

 By using translation memory feature of  Lokalize , imported all the hindi translation files of KDE, GNOME

,Askbot, django and various other project translations of  Transifex. During translation i have found bugs

in the source language translation(English). I have filed it in RedHat bugzilla under libvirt component section.

The Links for these bugs are given below:

After 7 days of continuous  translation, Finally completed it.

Thanks to jassy, rajeshr and sayan for helping me.

my first hindi transaltion commit to fedora project

Few weeks ago, I met  kushaldas and rtnpro.They inspired us to do translation by using transifex.It is the best way of contribution to open source.

i have talked the irc with rajeshr on #fedora-india channel.i have joined the fedora-india hindi translation team.

He gaves me some suggestion and basic books for understnading guidelines. that are available on www.fuel.project.org.

Following are the small projects that i have translated under fedora project .

i have completed these projects during feburary 20-24,2012 with the help of rajesh, rtnpro, aavrag and sayan chowdhury .

Google also helped me at a lot.