Recent developments in LTMT

LTMT stands for Localization Team Management Tool which will be an extension of present KDE Localization Website.

It consists of two parts:

  1. Integration of KDE Localization website with KDE Identity for unique authentication system for all KDE localizers as well as for newcomers.
  2. A Booking system for all translators in order to ask a file / give up a file for translation.

As a part of my gsoc project, Below is the updates:

  • The kde identity authentication side is faked with solena functions to return registered users.
  • A new registered user under KDE identity can join any language team by clicking join Team button.
  • If the user has already placed his request for team joining, if his request is not approved, he will greeted with previous request message.
  • The join team button will be visible to users who are not the member of the language.
  • The Site administrator can view all the language team join request as a translate for for all languages.
  • coordinator of one language or more than one languages can view all the language team join request as a translate for all the respective associated language.
  • Site Admin/coordinator can approve or deny user’s language team join request.
  • on denial, the user can again view join team button.

The Drafted documentation for setting up the locally is here.The project code is here.

Currently, i am working on Booking System for all translators. Thanks to tosky who helped me in each and every point of difficulties.