Fedora Activity Day(FAD) 2014, Pune

Last Saturday i.e. on 23rd August, 2014, i had participated in FAD

                    >>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/FAD_Pune_Aug_2014

at Red Hat, Pune (India) office. The day started with testing of Fedora 21 workstation alpha iso image (it contains GNOME as a default desktop). I had installed F21 alpha image in my vm. During installation, while adding a user step, my screen started flickering. Here is the attached video of screen flickering in a known bug in anaconda (Thanks to siddhesh for pointing out that bug.). I have learnt to use recordmydesktop app from Amit Shah.

Later on i also got another bug, in Date and Time screen, when we on or off the Network Time button, the Date and Time Button or applets were disabled always. Here is the bug link for Date and time buttons are disabled while doing on and off the network time.

After the lunch, i have learned about creating virtual machine snapshot using virsh snapshot. Here is the list of commands to create VM snapshot . Creating a snapshot of virtual machine saves our development work and if anythings went wrong while testing and deployment, we can revert back to previous snapshot. virt-builder is a great tool for creating virtual machines.

pjp taught us how to configure and test the local DNSSEC resolver configuration on fedora 21 and also learned how to review packags and give karma to that and earn badges using Bodhi web interface or by fedora_easy_karma tool. I have reviewed the package and gave karma to the package python-gevent through a FAS2 login.

Finally, it ended and i learned lots of things. Hope to see another FAD soon :).