One Month! 12 commits and 82 reviews in OpenStack.

One month earlier, i had submitted my first patch to OpenStack through OpenStack-Manuals with the help of Tom and by the encouragement of Kushal Das and Sankarshan to dive deep into the system and learn more about OpenStack. After first patch, Anne and Ajaeger taught me to search bugs and assign it to myself and submit the patches. Many times i got -1 on my reviews but Lana Nermina, Gpocentek, Slong and Sarob encouraged me to go ahead and fix the Review and get +1 on the review and get it merged. After submission of three patches, Anne has taught me to “How to Review the Openstack-Manuals Review?”. From there my new journey to OpenStack begins. While solving bugs and submitting review, i got a chance to interact with lots of OpenStack core contributors (Steve Baker, Mrunge, Emilien Macchi, Koolhead17, Daine Fleming, Steve gordon) guiding and teaching me lots of things related to different component starting from Heat, Swift, Horizon, Nova etc. During this period, I have made 12 Commits and 82 reviews in OpenStack-Manuals till today i.e.20th Nov, 2013. The reviews and commits are found on Stackalytics. It is very less. I have to work hard and learn more in order to contribute more. Thank you all the peoples who helped me to reach that stage.


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