My first patch to Openstack

Last Week, i was going through the OpenStack Installation Guide for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS, and Fedora  – havana. In the Chaptor 2 “Basic Operating System Configration“, under “Messaging Server” topic , I found that the command used for disabling Qpid Authentication in /etc/qpidd.conf file “# echo “auth=no” >> /etc/qpidd.conf“. But while running that command, it is appending an newline “auth=no” in the fie without modifying the value of auth which is required to be done. I found it wrong. So, i have contacted Tom Fifield on #openstack-doc channel on Freenode server. It was an error in the openstack-manuals. With the help of Tom, i have filed a bug #1239977 on launchpad and got assigned it to myself.
Tom, Andreas Jaeger, Summer Long and Sean Roberts helped me to setting the environment for fixing that bug by following the steps on #howtocontribute. With in 2 hour of work, i have prepared my patch and sent it for review. I have just added following lines “Disable Qpid authentication by editing /etc/qpidd.conf file and changing the auth option to no, “auth=no” ” and my patch is ready. Here is my patch #51810. For acceptance of the patch, it requires the approval of two main core developers. Thanks to Anne Gentle, Tom Fifield and Diane Fleming for approving my patch. The changes appears on openstack-manual. It was an awesome experience.


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