Mozmentoring: let’s train them!

The progress, growth and fame of a community comes from the training and a huge hard work that we do in order to train our volunteers. After the success of Durgapur-mozconnect, i Biraj, and Umesh decided to draft a plan through which we can train mozilla newbies as well as track to their whole process and process of contribution through monthly meeting. For doing the same, our first community monthly meetup named “mozmentoring” was organized on 17th April, 2013 at CSE/IT seminar hall at Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur from 01:00 p:m to 04:00 p:m.

Before coming to the actual meeting, last night we all old and existing mozilla contributors meet on irc at about 01:00 a;m on #india channel of server done a meeting. The final conclusion came out as a plan and that we have executed them,are as follows. Firstly, we told the newbies, what are the areas of contribution that mozilla provides by explaining software development life cycle, later on we move to FOSS. After that we enquired about their interest and the whole crowd into three groups. First group is mozilla design team who task to form two strong team for firefoxos video contest 2013 that is laid by umesh agarwal followed by santanu and avinash.

The second group is Mozilla codebase who task is to teach the half of them web maker and rest of them how to get their first solved by telling them how old volunteer get their first bug and is get solved by mozilla mentors. We told that they can contribute to different parts of mozilla codebase depending on their programming language interest. This was laid by Souradeep de, Aproorv Ashutosh, Zubin and Subho. The next and last group is sumo and localization laid by Amit Kumar Thakur and Biraj Karmakar. They taught through translation and sumo hindi/bengali localization. At the end of the whole thing, i have taught them how to use IRC and show them practically how to communicate on irc. Thanks to Gaurav and sayan for teaching them about JavaScript during meeting.

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In night we have called newbies on irc. There i, umesh, biraj and amit taught live how to do translation by sorting and solving their problem. Today, 0n 18th April, 2013 i am going to give a practical training on how to do localization through effective use of style guide and fuel terminologies through online and offline editors.

Umesh agarwal created a video on FirefoxFlicks to teach and give a preview on how to make videos for firefoxos video contest 2013.

Lastly each group have given tasks to each newbies, they have fixed a deadline of 10 days to submit the task to the community. The closure report of the task is on the etherpad. The best contributor will get some special prizes from mozilla. Finally, we have ended the whole session by announcing about the mozilla student ambassador program and distributing mozilla swag among all. The next meetup will be held on in between 15th august to 30th august, 2013 for durgapur community.

Thanks to everybody for making the whole event successful by executing each and eevrything in a proper way.

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Durgapur-Mozconnect:- A review path for Mozilla Durgapur

Every plan after execution needs review at its end point. The awareness towards Mozilla and Open web was started in Durgapur from Mozcafe@ bcrec from 13th February, 2013. That event was successful. But to measure the success and growth in contribution towards Mozilla and its products from  mozcafe@bcrec, we have hosted a small meet-up named “Durgapur_mozconnect” near Bidhannagar, Durgapur (West Bengal) on 13th April, 2013 from 01:00 p:m to 04:00 p:m.

15 participants including previous contributors (Chandan kumar, Biraj karmakar, Gaurav Kumar, Umesh Agarwal), new contributors (Amit Kumar Thakur, Neeraj Goswami, Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, Souradeep De, Apoorv ashutosh, Shubendu Ghosh) and upcoming Contributors (Avinash Kumar, Shantanu Ghosh, Zubin Tiwari, Abhishek Kumar, Sourav Kumar) from Dr.B.C. Roy Engineering College, Durgapur attended under supervision of Mozilla Reps Shahid Farooqi and One guy from Asansol.

The meet-up started with the introduction of all volunteers specifying their interest and contribution. I basically found many of them are interested or contributing in Mozilla localization, Sumo and Web development. But all of them are interested in FirefoxOS and apps development. We are hoping from the community to get a FirefoxOS Apps day soon in Durgapur. After that i have presented a paper on “How to imply Screen-shot Comparison technique in Mozilla Firefox Localization Quality Analysis.” with the help of the source taken from Fuel Project. The material will be available soon in all mailing list. After listening and sorting out the problems in contribution to localization and sumo, we have formed a team for FirefoxOS video Contest.

This is not the last but with ending we have fixed a Durgapur community Monthly meetup every month (if possible) in our college on 18th April, 2013 from 01:00 p:m to 02:00 p:m to track the progress of contribution in the community.

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Thanks to Shahid, Biraj, Umesh, Shubhendu, Apoorv and Souradeep for making the same successful.

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