mozilla 15th Birthday celebrated at Durgapur

Today is the march 31st, 2013 i.e. Sunday and mozilla has become a 15th year ever fresh organization with a mission to promote openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. To celebrate this auspicious day, i , Biraj Karmakar, Umesh Agarwal, Amit Kumar Thakur, Gaurav Kumar, Mrityunjay Kumar Singh, Subhendu Ghosh, Sayantan Datta, Jeet Biswas and others gathered at 01:00 P:M near Bidhan nagar, Durgapur and cut the cake to celebrate mozilla 15th Birthday. After that we all have introduced among themselves, told them how mozilla came into existence and helping us to make the web open for all. Umesh told them how to contribute to Mozilla design. Finally we have decided to host a one day mozilla event in NIT,  Durgapur on 7th April, 2013. Thanks to Biraj and others for making this day wonderful.

Firefox-Hindi-Localization-Sprint:- A live contribution

Everybody wants to be a contributor of a big emerging Mozilla community. But by using an application like “Mozilla Firefox”, he is already a contributor. But as time changes, ideas comes up, people wants to do more. So, persons wants to add something in the application. So that if anybody is using that application, he goes there and say “following things are added by me.” and by saying that he makes himself and community proud.

By thinking upon this, I shahid Ali Farooqui and Rajesh Ranjan came up with an idea to organize an virtual event named “Localization Sprint” where people can directly come, participate, learn and contribute to an application with a common goal in a team.

For that we have targeted “Firefoxos” and organized “Firfox-os-Hindi-Localization-Sprint” on 24th February, 2013. The event was successful by making a submission of 4000 words and we have got new contributors to Mozilla Hindi Localization team.

From the success of first sprint, Vineel has gave me an idea to provide prizes to the contributor who has translated maximum number of strings. This will encourage contributors to do their best.

And after that I and Rajesh Ranjan organized another “localization sprint” targeting for “Mozilla Firefox” named “Firefox-Hindi-Localization-Sprint” on 03rd March, 2013 by using #india channel on server and #indlinux channel on server by using Mozilla pootle server. The event was more successful than previous one by mading a submission of more than 8000 words (Firefox-2900 +webparts -5500) by 11 participants.

The 11 participants who had made this sprint successful are:- Amit Kumar Thakur, Keshav Kumar, Sayan Chowdhury, Chandan Kumar, Gaurav Kumar, Rajesh Ranjan, Saurav Agarwal, Komal Gandhi, Abhishek Potnis, Suraj Kawade and Neeraj Kumar.

The maximum submission are made by Amit kumar Thakur and followed by Keshav Kumar.

Their Contribution and statistics are given on etherpad:

The event page for the sprint is:

I would like to a special thanks to Mozilla community for creating the pootle interface for Mozilla software localization. Without it this type of sprint is not possible earlier.

I would like to thanks all the community members for making this event successful.