Mozcafe@bcrec, Durgapur :- A great Success

As the sun blooms in the sky, birds are flying happily in the sky thinking that how high will we go. Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur in association with Horizon2k13, 11th annual tech-fest of our college has proceeds forward to organize a complete mozilla workshop and activity day named “Mozcafe@bcrec“on 13th Feb, 2013. This was the first student initiated mozilla event in Durgapur.

As we have announced the dates of mozilla event, Students of different college started enquiring about the event. Since the event was on the working day. So, About 55 students have successfully attended our session from starting to end.

The registration of the event was started from 10:00 A:M onward. We have fortunately much more students from our college and 5 students from Nit Durgapur.  The whole event was divided into two parts:- one as theoretical session based on talks and other as hands on practice session based on talks delivered. The workshop was started from 11:00 A:M.

The talks presented are as follows:-

  1. Mozilla:- A gateway to open sourceChandan Kumar
  2. Mozilla designs:- Umesh Agarwal
  3. Localization:- Biraj Karmakar

Then there was a break of 30 minutes,  Thanks to college Management for providing the Tea.

The hands on session presented are as follows:-

  1. How to work with web maker:- Sayan Chowdhury, Apoorv Ashutosh, Piyush Kumar Chauhan
  2. localization:- Biraj karmakar, Chandan Kumar
  3. Mozilla Design:- Umesh Agarwal, Gaurav Kumar

During Webmaker session, The students asked a lots of question related to mozilla and other open source as well as research project from our Mozilla Remo Shahid Ali Farooqi. After getting answers students were highly delighted. They also asked for another mozilla events in Durgapur. And, finally the whole event ended with a group photography session with participants.

Outcomes of the Mozcafe@bcrec:-

  1. A Hindi Translation Sprint will be organized on 24th Feb, 2013 to encourage newbie for doing contribution to localization.
  2. Monthly meeting will be organized in the last saturday of each Month.
  3. We are planning to come up with one big mozilla festival in NIT Durgapur.
  4. This Mozcafe@bcrec event will be organized every year in the month of february.
  5. We are getting good response and hoping that Durgapur Mozilla group will contribute a lot to open source.

We are highly thankful to Mozilla community for providing us the swag for the event and a special thanks to Shahid ali farooqi who had visiting our college apart from his busy schedule.

Due to late Swag delivery by UPS Courier services, we will providing the swag to the participant day after tomorrow.

Finally we would like to thank Saikat Maity sir. Dinesh Pradhan sir,  Gaurav Kumar and Tech fest Community for making this event successful. The event photos are available on flickr.




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