Book Review: OpenStack Cloud Computing Cookbook

Published By:- PacktPub / Written By:- Kevin Jackson

It is one of the first and most useful book on OpenStack Cloud Computing apart from OpenStack manual for a cloud beginner who wants to learn, use, test and deploy their applications on any of the five components like:-Glance, Horizon, Keystone,Nova & Swift. It only requires a virtualbox and Ubuntu 12.04 cloud server ISO-Image.

This book starts with the detailed explanation of all the steps:-

  • Required in installing, configuring and managing all the components of OpenStack.
  • Also give a detailed explanation of different instances of networking for configuring OpenStack environment.
  • Tells about the MAAS, JIJU, Galera technology for configuring and managing it on Datacenters.
  • Uses Munin, Hydric technology for monitoring OpenStack installation.
  • Last but on the list , it also provides a strong troubleshoot approach for the problem encountered during the installation and configuring OpenStack environment and also provide a guide to report bugs and get help directly form community.

I am a final year computer science engineering student found this book useful for installation, configuring OpenStack on my laptop.
So, I would strongly recommend this book to someone who wants to get his hand dirty with OpenStack technology.

One can get the book directly from PacktPub.