#dgplug!! Now 8 year’s old.

Today #dgplug (Durgapur Linux user Group) completed 8 years.
On the same day i.e. on 8th september, 2004 some young genious minds like Kushal Das had taken a golden step for the promotion of Free and open source Software(FOSS) where students can come, learn, share their knowledge and contribute to FOSS and founded a Community named Durgapur Linux User Group which is further popularised as a dgplug. Later on Soumya joined together.

When i was in 2nd semester first year at Dr.B.C.Roy Engineering College, Durgapur, had met kushal Das Who had visited our college to give a talk on Python Programming. There i came to know about Open source software and interacted with a group of people like: Rtnpro, Kishan who were contributing to FOSS already. Kishan along with sayan and koustawa helped me in learning fedora Installation. After that under the guidance of kushal and rtnpro, i had learnt fedora RPM packaging and Python programming. Later i had attained dgplug summer training in 2011 and learnt a lot of things related to programming languages and shell scripting. Mbuf tuaght us Communication guidlines that had helped me in irc chats.

But my contribution to open source begins, when Rtnpro and Bamacharan inspired me through violent kicks. They taught me to try my hands on localization of open source Software on transifex. With the support of rtnprokushal and Rajesh ranjan, now i am a open Source technical translator for various projects.

As the 3 years of my college life passed, i started inspring out the college students and to share my skill and knowledge with them. The first achievement i have gained when my name got published in the author lists of VlC media Player 2.0.3. Now, lots of students are coming and joining this community  and is growing day by day and getting bigger and stronger. A day will come when dgplug will cross its sky limits.

This group has given a greater height to my carreer and arouse the interest of programming. I am really thankful to all who helped me in this journey.

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