Contribution to GNOME 3.4 through hindi translation

The day i remember when Rajesh Ranjan told me to join hindi language translation team of gnome was one month ago from today. I joined the gnome hindi language translation by registering myself as a translator on l10 site. From that day i have translated the following projects under gnome community listed below:

gnome-terminal, yelp, vino, totemnautilus, ligbdatagucharmap, gtk+-properties, gnome-user-share, gnome-system-monitor, gnome-setting-daemon, gnome-power-manager, gnome-packagekit, gnome-bluetooth, gnome-control-center, evolution, empathy, brasero, evince, cheese and many more..

For all these  translations all credits goes to Rajesh Ranjan and Karunakar.

A special thanks to rtnpro for warm push ups.